Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post #1

So many projects, so little time! At least that's how I feel. A new crafty idea comes to me, and then it's forgotten (kinda like the clothes someone keeps shoving under their bed........Miss Emily). Enter new blog! Now, I am not quite as ambitious as my good friend Kelley (Addicted2Paper ) who tries to scrap each and every day, but I can commit myself to completing at least one thing each week (let's start small haha), So here goes nothing........or could it be something!


  1. Love your craftiness cuz! Vury impressed :)

  2. Love the new blog. Jealous - it is beautiful. What made you change? Loving your projects.


  3. @Kim- thanks:) I do what I can! haha
    @Kel- Thank you:) I was just bored with the other one, and I like change, so here it is!